122 mm howitzer M1938 (M-30)

122 mm howitzer M1938 (M-30) p/y 1949


The 122mm Howitzer M1938, also known as the M-30, was a Soviet field howitzer developed and produced during World War II and the Cold War. This artillery piece played a significant role in the Soviet Armed Forces and was also used by various other countries and military forces worldwide.

Design and Specifications:

  • Caliber: The M-30 featured a 122mm (4.8 inches) caliber, which allowed it to fire a variety of ammunition types, including high-explosive shells, fragmentation rounds, and smoke projectiles.
  • Range: With a maximum firing range of approximately 11.8 kilometers (about 7.3 miles), the M-30 was capable of providing fire support at a considerable distance.
  • Muzzle Velocity: The howitzer had a muzzle velocity of around 515 meters per second, enabling it to deliver shells accurately and with sufficient force.
  • Weight and Mobility: The M-30 was a towed artillery piece, and it could be transported and positioned by various vehicles or by its crew. It was relatively mobile for its caliber, making it adaptable to different terrains.
  • Crew: Typically operated by a crew of 8 to 10 soldiers, the M-30 required skilled personnel for efficient firing and reloading. It featured a split trail carriage, allowing for easy adjustment of the firing angle.

Combat Utility: The M-30 served several crucial roles on the battlefield:

  1. Artillery Support: It provided artillery support to infantry and mechanized units, delivering accurate and effective firepower against enemy positions and fortifications.
  2. Counter-Battery Fire: The M-30 could engage and suppress enemy artillery positions, helping to neutralize the threat posed by opposing artillery units.
  3. Barrage Fire: It could saturate a designated area with high-explosive shells, creating a curtain of fire that disrupted enemy movements and defenses.
  4. Siege and Urban Warfare: In siege warfare and urban combat scenarios, the M-30 was employed to breach enemy fortifications and engage in street-to-street fighting.


Legacy: The 122mm Howitzer M1938 (M-30) remained in service with various countries for many years after World War II. Its effectiveness, reliability, and adaptability made it a valuable asset for a wide range of military operations. While it has been largely replaced by more modern artillery systems in many armed forces, its historical significance and role in mid-20th-century warfare make it an important piece of artillery history.

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